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Stacking workpieces

Coby workpiece stacking

How to configure workpiece stacking

To stack workpieces, you must configure the following in the Job:
For the workpiece, you must allow this for both the Raw and Finished workpieces

In addition, at the "Stacking" step, where you position the workpieces on the table, you have to tell both for the step with the raw workpiece and the finished workpiece how many pieces can be stacked.

Important!! The first position where workpieces will be placed contains only 1 workpiece, otherwise it is not possible for us to place the finished workpiece.

How to configure workpiece overlap

Workpiece overlap is normally used if an overlap exists between workpieces,
 this should allow workpieces to slide into each other when placed on top of
each other or to allow the next workpiece to fall from a little higher
so it does not scrape over the workpiece that is already on the table.

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