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Overview JobControl launcher

The JobControl launcher

Getting started

The launcher starts automatically. To stop the launcher, push the red button.

To restart the launcher, you can push the blue button.

Downloading and uploading files

By taking and sending us a diagnostic backup, we can better help you better in case of need. This diagnostic backup will appear @locatie. You can also insert a USB stick on the right-hand side of the CobyCNC to transfer files.


If you'd like to change the language of this launcher, push Change language.


Push Service view to update JobControl, Launcher, or Nginx configuration. In service view, you can also create a restore point. Furthermore, you can take individual backups from the database and download the logs.

How to restore a diagnostic backup

If you'd like to restore a diagnostic backup, push Service view Restore diagnostic backup.

How to restore databases

If you'd like to restore a database, push Service view Restore database.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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